Welcome to INTERNET FRONTIER web-based email, using Endymion Mailman Professional Edition v3.2.19. Note that this version of Endymion Mailman allows you to keep separate folders AND address books! To check your email now, enter your Username and Password, choose the page format you prefer, then click LOGIN. (This may take a minute or two if there are many messages, old or new, in the mailbox.) Also see below for ADDED SECURITY AND PRIVACY. (Note: Netscape 4.xx will not display these pages correctly.)

Username: @ifn.net
Server: pop.ifn.net

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Frames interface
Use an interface that is split into panes.
This interface is more user-friendly and attractive, but requires a web browser that supports 'frames' and 'cookies'. If you don't recognize either term then you most likely have a browser that supports them.
No frames interface
Use a single-pane interface.
For old or 'thin' web browsers. More cumbersome to use.
Text-only frames interface
Use a totally text-based interface.
Designed for very old or very 'thin' web browsers like PDA's or cell phones, or for extremely slow network connections. Very ugly, but very practical. This interface will work just about anywhere, it just won't necessarily look good doing it.
ADDED SECURITY AND PRIVACY: Don't cache output. (Other tips)
Check here to set MailMan to mark all output pages as expired so that they will not be cached, for increased security and privacy. (Some web browsers may not honor page expiration directives.)