DSL plans available on most Pacific Bell phone lines
All plans include:

- FREE DSL Modem*
- FREE Self-Installation **
- Dynamic or Fixed IP plans
- Email account
- TelCo Circuit and ISP Costs (No Hidden Fees)

Speed Plan
(download /upload)
Monthly Rate
(first year)
Dynamic IP
Monthly Rate
(standard price)
Fixed IP
Suited for/Comments
$99 Activation Fee
192-1500/128k $49.95 $59.95 Standard Users
768-1500 / 256k
Power Users
384 / 384k
Hosting a Small Server
1500-4000 / 384k
Small Business Network
4000-6000 / 384k
Large Business Network

Additional Services/Options:
- Additional IP Addresses: 9 or less IPs for $8/each. 10 or more IPs for $5/each.
- Unlimited Dial-up access: $4/month
- Web Hosting: $10/month (disk space charges may apply)
- Single Port Modem/router (connect over 250 computers): $50/month

All plans available month-to-month for a $125.00 setup fee

* Free modem lease. Must be returned at end of term, else $99.90 + tax. $125 early-termination fee applies to one-year agreements.
** Free self-install or $250 full-install for one computer. Full install may be necessary for multi-line phone setups.

NOTE: DSL service should not be set up on a phone line that also includes an alarm or medical alert device.

Rates effective 1/20/03; subject to change without notice.