When Were These Organizations Anointed as the Keepers of the World's Email?

Using RBL, SPEWS, etc., causes bankruptcy. Don't think so? Ask Adelphia, McLeodUSA, ATGI, ICCX, ValueNet/Cleardata, etc. But most of all ask AboveNet. (Yes, that's us you hear laughing.)

Did you know that in Orange County, California, you are not responsible for your actions even if you know that the consequences of what you are doing will be harmful to others? At least that is the position taken by the Orange County Superior Court in the case of Pallorium vs. Jared. Apparently as long as you take no money for something you do, you simply aren't responsible for the consequences, even if others are harmed because of it. So if you were seen passing out matches near the scene of a fire, the court might well find you not guilty as long as you weren't charging for the matches. And you're probably safe even if you "published" a list of buildings you think should be burned down as long as you don't "force" people to use your list. Perhaps the most astonishing part of the court's decision is the casual acceptance of collateral damage-- it doesn't matter who is harmed as long as you are in pursuit of the greater good (the court's words, not ours). Jared got what every defendant wants when he goes to court--a sympathetic judge who gave no weight to the damage caused to innocent third parties--people and businesses who were harmed because someone they did not know attempted to send email to someone else whom they also didn't know. But it doesn't change the facts--Osirusoft was nothing more than a vigilante. (7/13/05)

We can't help but take notice of the most recent action (details) against Osirusoft and Joe Jared, who still just doesn't get it. And our thanks to Pallorium for their persistence. (9/7/04)

And while we're at it, are you looking for an update about those masters of self-deception and rationalization, Brian Bruns and Andrew Kirch of AHBL and SOSDG fame? Look no further than here . (8/29/04)

Our thanks to whoever brought down OsiruSoft/SPEWS, even if it's only temporary (details). Keep up the good work. (8-27-03)

And apparently you are!! (details) It's especially gratifying to see '' among the latest casualties.(9/24/03)

All NANAE readers should click here first to be sure you understand yourselves.

UPDATE#2: On January 3rd, 2002, the California Court of Appeal upheld the state's so-called "anti-spam" law (actually Section 17538-45 of the Business and Professions Code). Internet Frontier has no problem with this, as our position has always been that email (actually, any form of communication) must be within the law, and that YOU have the right to block or ignore any message you don't want.

However, we offer five observations regarding the Court of Appeal decision.

First, it may reduce, but certainly won't stop, the flow of junk email, much of which originates off-shore where the California law is essentially unenforceable.

Second, it does nothing to discourage, much less prevent, the continued use of both overt and surreptitious (stealth) email blocking by third parties. That this has occurred, and will continue to occur thanks in large measure to the email police abetted by providers intent on being politically correct, is an odious omission in this law.

Third, the law will simply be ignored by the email police anyway. They will continue to labor under the notion that they have somehow been anointed with authority that transcends, supercedes and preempts the mere laws of mortal man. They will continue to threaten and coerce providers who may allow commercial email to be sent even if that email conforms with the law. As a result, there is no incentive for emailers to comply because their Internet connectivity will be cut off anyway by the backbone providers who, while having done nothing wrong, fear the thug tactics of the email police.

Fourth, it leaves the email police themselves free of any responsibility and accountability for their actions, the very things they so furiously want imposed on the junk mailers.

Finally, it does nothing to clarify the 'privateness' or 'publicness' of the Internet itself, the absence of which has been an excuse for so many of the email police. If it is private, then any form of censorship is tolerable and must be permitted. If it is public, then it should be subject to oversight and appropriate regulation similar to that which applies to telephone companies, and which should put an end to the email police.

UPDATE#1: With the recent change (8/01) in RBL policy whereby, like the young lady in a certain off-color song, they now charge for what they used to give for free, many, repeat many, of the organizations on this list no longer block email, at least not with RBL. We believe this confirms and exposes yet another aspect of the general hypocrisy of these organizations regarding email--block mail so long as it costs nothing to do so and so long as somebody else is taking all the (legal) risk, but if it costs anything, or if there is danger that the provider might actually have to share the risk, then maybe all that alleged junk email isn't so bad after all.

We are going to continue to list them here because their current and future customers should have an opportunity to know what their track record has been. Also, they may be continuing to block email by as yet undetermined means. And we will add new entries as we discover them.

If you are visiting this web site, it is most likely because you want to learn if maybe your Internet provider is filtering your email.

Following is a list of Internet providers, along with some public agencies and private companies, who filter email directly and/or give aid and comfort to the enemy by supporting and endorsing those who do. All of these organizations are intent on being politically correct (politically correct--"...the elevation of sensitivity over truth". Bill Maher), and apparently believe that they know better than you what is good for you. In their minds, you aren't capable of making your own decisions about what email you will or won't receive--these organizations use RBL, SPEWS, and other similar tools to filter your email, probably without telling you. But we'll tell you that they do.

Blocking email suggests arrogance on the part of these providers. If blocking is a benefit to their customers, they would make clear up front what they are doing. But it's not a benefit to their customers--it's a benefit only to the provider, more concerned with their own convenience than with being honest with their customers.

RBL and the like are SCUD missiles, not precision weapons. Just like the SCUD, which cannot be precisely targeted, these weapons 'explode in the vicinity' of the target, destroying huge numbers of innocent bystanders--hundreds, thousands of other online users who did nothing wrong but are 'dead' anyway.

The notion that someone else is making decisions about your email--no matter how nobly motivated those decisions may appear to be--should be utterly repugnant to everyone!!

If you have an email correspondent that uses one of these providers (you can tell by looking at the part of their email address to the right of the '@'), urge them in the strongest possible terms to contact their provider and insist that the provider stop filtering their email.

We'll put a star next to any provider on this list which we can confirm actually notifies its subscribers that their email is being filtered. We have another symbol we'll use for those who post a notification, but which notification continues to put the provider's judgment on email ahead of the customer's own judgment. And look for this symbol to quickly locate the most recent additions to this list. See more about this topic at the bottom of this page.

Feel free to use this list in either of two ways. The intelligent way is to recognize and understand that only you should be making decisions about what you do when online, so this is a (partial) list of providers to avoid. The other way is to merely be a sycophant (that means a$$-kisser to those of you who have trouble with three-syllable words) for the email police, abdicate (that means 'give up') your right to make your own decisions, and let the providers listed below do your thinking for you. Remember that virtually all of these providers didn't want you to know what they were doing; they went out of their way to hide their actions from their customers.

This list is updated as new sites come to our attention. Visit here often to see if your ISP has been exposed and added to the list. (To bookmark this page, simply hold down CTRL on your keyboard and stroke the letter "D".) 8/25/08. (It's amazing how we continue to find and identify these losers.)

For the address of RBL itself, click here.


@home (see '') (see '') (we're just as happy exposing petty personal sites as big businesses) (but there's no Christian spirit when it comes to email) (Quebec and Ontario are a global epicenter of email filtering) (see '') (see '') (bankruptcy and criminal charges--see what using RBL and SPEWS gets you) (Go to this link to learn more about this most egregious (and now bankrupt and gone) of all RBL users) (the Alaska oil pipeline works, but the Alaska email pipeline doesn't) (We heard two people are fighting over 'alaweb'--the loser has to take it) (earns a skull for telling its customers only half the story) (added at their request. By the admission of their own Neal Rauhauser CCNP/CCDP/RBL, they are a '...scurrilous ISP'. And despite what Neal Rauhauser CCNP/CCDP/RBL says, their web site does not appear to mention that they filter customer email. Oh, one of the two skulls is for filtering email, but the other is for misusing the word 'scurrilous'--unless they really are 'given to using coarse language, being vulgar or evil' or given to 'obscenities, abuse or slander', which is the Merriam-Webster definition of the word.) (operated by the former chief thought policeman at ''; hey, Paul, how did bankruptcy feel?) (wannabe 'AO' says to 'L' with your email)
armstrong zoom (see '') (aka 'peachwood', 'roysdon', et al) (listed for saying they use RBL, but they don't, at least not any more) (aka '') (the 'astound'-ing part is that they filter your email) (aka '', '') ('advanced' means they've advanced to bankruptcy) (see (designing new ways to discard YOUR email) (we wonder if they filter the gospels) (freedom does not appear to be flourishing in southern Ontario) (Ph.D's know how to filter sound but not email) ('bestweb' and 'worstemail' seem to be partners) (their 'big net' catches and discards YOUR email) (tin cans and string are an apt symbol for this provider) (we certainly agree with them--'blarg' means nothing. May they go as bankrupt as their provider, Global Crossing.) ('Bright Oklahoma' darkened by email filtering) (now '')(stay '@home' and don't get your email) (operated by the RBL co-founder and ex-AboveNet employee; when does the book burning start?) (they may be 'on', but YOUR email will be 'off') (Calif. Lutheran Univ.) (apparently they worship the god RBL) (Calif. State Univ.-Long Beach) (politically correct pseudo-administrators at work) (a phone company in north Georgia sweeping YOUR email under a carpet made in nearby Dalton) (it certainly does 'go beyond filtering and blocking'--it extends to arrogance.) (these guys, and YOUR email, have been exposed to the Arizona heat for too long) (they must be in a 'century' when one person could interfere with the rights of another) (freedom battles fought at Cowpens and King's Mountain are forgotten by this ISP) (southern Ontario is a hotbed of email filtering) (Michiganders deserve better than this lame provider) (filtering YOUR email at cable speeds, in Tennessee yet) (look for YOUR email going over the Cedar Rapids) (What goes around comes around, eh, (they block email without telling--what don't they tell about what they sell?)
compuSOLVE Internet (see '') (so busy tooting their own horn that they forgot to allow YOUR email) (for providing moral support to vigilantism) (apparently some freedoms don't apply in 'Big Sky' country) (aka 'Cox Communications', 'Cox Cable', '') (we wonder if Father Schlegel, S.J. knows what the university is doing) (looks like they're about to become as bankrupt as their email policy) (A Mr. Boffo award for this Ontario hypocrite - filters your email, but openly advertises MLM and get-rich-quick schemes) (Yet another state university that filters email) (CompuSOLVE Internet) (second Ontario ISP we've exposed in two days) (aka 'Commtel') (that last 'noreaster broke YOUR email) (they know that 'trees are usually outdoors', but don't know that you have a right to your email) (cleaning up the air in the '50s and the rivers in the '60s apparently didn't stop other pollution around Pittsburgh) (as if the cold of Finland isn't enough, they anesthetize your email) (In Alabama, where freedom came at a price, it still doesn't apply to email) (filtering email for the greater Denver area) (whether it's ITT Servcom, IdeaServcom, Alcatel or DecisionOne, YOUR email is still filtered) (We knew Cleveland when the river caught fire and when the mayor set his hair on fire, but then bad things like '' started to happen. And 'delink' is just what you should do with '') (for it's thoughtless, shameless support of '', and utter disregard of collateral damage; a flagrantly anti-competitive action) (we're happy to expose the little guy right along with the big guys) (see '') (using satellites to filter YOUR email) (aka 'DirecTvDSL', formerly '') (still dumping YOUR email) ('dis'--what a perfect name. What else would you expect in Berkeley?) (the '4less' part means you won't get your email) (first, we thought it was 'doobie'. Then we wondered where Thalia Menninger was. But it's just the UofTexas filtering email) (see '') (a '' user complaining about spam? We can't be the only ones that see the irony in that.) (it won't rain on your email in Seattle because you won't get it) (aka '', '') (no province too small to have its email filtered) (NJ's 'best Internet provider' doesn't tell it's customers that it filters their email) (a "feel good about myself" U. of Oregon affiliate competing with private business) (aka 'eidosinteractive') (there's nothing 'elite' about blocking email) (we're just as happy when we expose a small family web site) (but it's 'emetic' for YOUR email) (aka '') (Hey, the 'mistake on the lake' knows how to filter customer email) (Now part of Cable & Wireless; Exodus, meaning 'to flee from' or 'mass departure', which is what their customers should do) (see '') (see '') (Paul, Dave, Joe, say hello to Carl - like you, he's morally challenged) (a real RBL sycophant, even hosted in RBL-controlled IP space) ('freshmeat' has a rather tainted aroma) ('Front Range' refers to the part of the stove used to burn your email) (their 'content control' filters YOUR email) (email filtering in the state whose motto is 'Live Free or Die') (would they filter Nelson Mandela's email?) (apparently the 'stinking rose' repels YOUR email) (YOUR email goes to a different galaxy) (maybe Kitchener, Ontario needs to remember why it changed its name from Berlin) (real gold in Mississippi--as rare as 'goldinc' keeping your email) By their request. (Did something happen to the god of free will?) (you might "got net", but you won't "got email") (too much Iowa corn has clogged the email 'artery' at 'heart'-land) (political correctness in the guise of email morality; how sad. Added at their request) (even Alabama rednecks can figure out how to filter email) (w/dns '') (a trivial site, listed only for its very triviality)
Hotmail (owned by Microsoft) (A state-funded university!) ('superior' Internet access with 'inferior'email delivery) (what you won't 'c' at 'ic' is YOUR email) (blocking email apparently doesn't prevent bankruptcy) (aka 'infobahn')(which of the Three Rivers do they dump YOUR email in?) (must be the radiation from Oak Ridge kills your email) (unable to control its 'impulse' to filter your email)    (Contra Costa Times, San Jose Mercury News, and other newspapers!) (the integrity well at the oasis is dry - they support '') (YOUR email being dumped into the Grand Canyon) (an integrity-challenged business hiding behind the facade of Linux expertise) (their GPS Coordinates: Lat: 27°47'36" N. Lon: 97°23'40" W. Your email coordinates: local dump) (this business proves that not everything from Canada is good) (yet another Ontario provider that filters YOUR email) (see '') (bet they don't tell NASDAQ, Mindspring, Datek Online, etc., that they block YOUR email) (aka '') (even people in Tennessee are entitled to ALL their email) (filtering YOUR email while waving a red/white/blue 'Liberty' banner) (a domain cyber-parked at '') (maybe they use their mass spectrometers to filter your email) (see '') ('Customer email coming in--jump in front of it!') (apparently the law of the jungle is 'eat the email first') (for providing moral support to vigilantism) (None of their polls ask Indianans if they know their email is being filtered) (Liberal arrogance afoot in southern California; happy to oblige by adding them at their request) (Mr. Welty thought they said mail filter instead of fuel filter) (Stationus Unionus, Internetus Quickus and Emailus Filterus) "Yikes, Batman! We really suck for blocking customer email. WHAM! POW!" (part of '') ('closed minds' would be more like it)
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (Sandia Corporation) (We have learned of their secret policy of intentionally not telling their employees that email is filtered) (can any religion flourish without unfettered communication?) (trying to dress up email filtering with missing children. Disgusting.) (all lawyers need to know that these folks filter YOUR email) (filtering YOUR email within echoing distance of John Adams and the Boston Tea Party) ('light' refers to the integrity of this Seattle-area provider, now part of '') (is there ANY provider in Ontario that lets you get YOUR email?) ('...highest level of Internet access...' includes filtering YOUR email) (The land of windmills, tulips, and--filtered email???) (The lights may be on, but nobody's home at Live Light) (see '') (too much ice hockey without a face mask) (aka '', '') (to quote them--'yes, we are big RBL supporters'. Removal? Talk to the hand. Oh, and your wannabe RBL attitude gets you a second skull.)

"This reminds me of good ol' Internet Frontier ( They absolutely love to attack me at this point. Hell, I'm proud to be double Skulled. I care enough about my network, my bandwidth, and my systems to want to do something."
(To quote Brian Bruns of ''--oh, sorry, that's ''--on '', October 18, 2001, 02:54PM)

And that's exactly the problem and the point, Brian. It's about YOU, and YOUR network, and YOUR bandwidth, and YOUR systems, and YOUR ball, and YOUR toys, etc., etc. Just like a 2-year old child. (Come on. With a name like 'mauimail', do you really expect your email to be taken seriously?)
McLeodUSA (aka '') (oooooh, can you say 'bankruptcy'?) (look for your email in the nearby cornfields) (and it's a tax-based public school district competing with the private sector. Strictly legit?) (Another part of North Carolina where people won't get their email) (see '') (see '', and isn't 'moaner' an appropriate name?) (This is Idaho, but for YOUR email it might as well be the Russia of old) (see '') (one of those wires is the hot one that destroys YOUR email) (the wine and the email are both filtered) (We don't usually list non-North American companies, but Friday the 13th was their unlucky day) (the 'navipath' for YOUR email goes straight to the incinerator) (the door to YOUR email is nailed shut) (Kosmopolis disrespects the freedom of the First State) (even Canada filters email, eh?) (big or small, you can't fully trust a business that blocks YOUR email) (email filtering barely 25 miles from the home of the Chautauqua Movement) (who???) (Naturally Just Another Bunch of Losers) (could that be pronounced 'ninny'?) (former Microsoft exec invests $32M in a company that blocks email. Hmm?) (Hmmm? soccer scores and spam--is there a relationship? You be the judge.) (see ' (their AUP makes clear they filter out of FEAR!) (stands for 'No You Can't Think' for yourself) ('cablevision' defines what you see, both on screen and in your email) (ah, Joe Jared, a guy who could brighten any party just by leaving it--read this!!) (aka '', '') (the only thing Outblaze 'ignites' is your email) (aka 'infobahn outfitters') (filtering email in rural Illinois? Gotta be a solution for which there isn't a problem) (Their 'one world' doesn't include you or your email)   (For the address/phone of PacBell Internet, click here) (trains and buses may come and go, but YOUR email won't) (added by request of another victim of the RBL 'collateral damage is ok' attitude) (just because they're a little guy doesn't mean we won't expose them)    (We wonder if Pacific Bell would like to filter phone calls as well?) (As Gertrude Stein said about Oakland, "There's no there there", but they still block email) (aka '') (aka '') (an arrogant, slow-to-navigate web site that also filters YOUR email) (what would you expect from the company that provides PacBell Internet service?) (but they are '' when it comes to YOUR email) ('provide' doesn't provide all your email) (William Penn's legacy of freedom is lost on this provider) ('innovative, total web solutions' that won't include your email) (Imagination. Inspiration. Innovation. Insolence. For filtering YOUR email) (aka 'quantum internet') (blocking email for the greater Manchester, Maryland area) (we have dialup everywhere they do, and we won't filter your email) (How does a melting pot, cosmopolitan city like Toronto justify filtering email?) (Qwest Qwietly filters YOUR email) (we wonder if they teach 'email policing' at Camp Internet) (fueling the recycling process with your email) (their name should be scary enough) (Rhode Island is the smallest state in more ways than one) ( (apparently even AOL/Time Warner Cable's famed Roadrunner can't outrun the email police) (at your request; better late than never) (home of quintessential groupthinker Reg Simon) (because of '', people in Buffalo, Rochester and Syracuse won't get their email) (see '') (Minnesotans should know better than to patronize such an ISP) (Ah, the redwoods, the rural beauty, the filtering of email) (gone, like all arrogant filterers should be - 2004) (visit this site if you're unsure what type of person would filter YOUR email) (what a great use for a supercomputer--filtering YOUR email) (nice to see the state of Washington represented) (aka '') ('astound'-ing that they filter your email) (newspapers and radio-TV stations filtering email !! Calling John Peter Zenger.) ("Shelby County's [Indiana] Premier Email Filterer") (Silicon Connections) (email filtering 10 miles from the home of the Free Speech Movement) (Silicon Beach) (filtering email under the '' banner) (blocking email for the greater Lawton/Ft. Sill area) (see '') ('sky' is spelled 'skye, and 'email' is spelled 'filter') (this may be the most surprising entry on this entire list!) (what else would you expect from a Southwestern Bell Company?) (The air is thinner than we thought around Mt. Shasta) (per their AUP: ", Inc. is a common carrier and does not censor." YES, they do!) (the fool's gold of the California gold country) (what an appropriate name) (the biggest 'con' since 'The Sting') (didn't several people get sick after eating there?) (if you have 'spamsites' as a friend, you don't need enemies) (like smallpox, we hoped RBL was also eradicated, but we were wrong) (Sound on stage, perhaps, but unsound on email) (see McLeodUSA) (Making Bulgaria an email-free country) (aka '') (we wonder if they filter The Croc Hunter's email) (dedicated to third-party interference in matters that don't involve them) (see '') (formerly Roseville Telephone)One thing they're not "sure" of is how to handle email in 2006 (Go there. Their web site portrays what they think of your email) (Sybase is offbase when it comes to email) (we cover all of their territory, and we won't filter your email) (look for YOUR email floating in Long Island Sound) ('...instantly distribute and exchange information...'--except email) (the 'diamond lane' is really cubic zirconia) (even Mississippians are entitled to know that their email is being filtered) (appears to use a tool other than RBL, but they're hypocrites about blocking) (a DSL provider that blocks YOUR email) (and (see '') ("As ever, 100% intelligence-free") (a foxhole is where these clods belong) (doubt their 'tenants' would be 'proud' if they knew what 'thuntek' was up to) (apparently being behind Werner Electric and next to Memorial Bridge blocks YOUR email) ('show me' my email, Missouri) (their 'position' on YOUR email is to discard it) (one wonders what the United Church of Christ teaches about the rights of others) (far too much free time on their hands. Possible skull candidate.) (their 'managed service' manages to throw away YOUR email) (how much email is there to filter in Western Australia? Go have another Foster's.) ('' blocking email. What's next? RBL admitting the error of its ways?) (filtering email--what an arrogant misuse of 'U.S.' in their name) (see Qwest) (you might ask Britons who remember WWII if they like SPAM®) (part of the now bankrupt ClearData/BOSS Technologies/Amerion group) (we have local dial in Valley Computer Service's area, and we won't filter your email) (they are 'vdot', YOUR email is 'vnot'. There's a reason they're in 'Hicksville'.) (another hypocrite exposed in southern Ontario) (YOUR email will not be one of the 'objects' their software 'requests') (aka 'Volaris Online', '', '') (despite much anti-junkemail rhetoric, nowhere do they tell customers that they block mail) (see '') (we're happy to expose 'family' web sites right along with businesses) (does anybody remember Well/Whole Earth/GST/ClearData/BOSS Technologies?) (Is there any provider in Ontario that doesn't block customer email?) (stifling freedom of communication in Ventura county) (depriving the good people of downstate New York of their email) (run by a childish SPEWS sycophant) (but you will '' your email in this part of Kentucky) (see ''; at least they're right about the 'bytes' part)
winterlink (aka 'wli', 'winterlan'; serious RBL apologists. They also get the occasional Mr. Boffo award for being 'unclear on the concept', as they also filter their outbound email.) (mathematical filtering of email, and what's tungsten got to do with it?) (their web site goes on and on about junk email, but nowhere does it tell their customers that Wombat filters their email) (aka 'Armstrong Zoom Internet', filtering email for greater Zelionople) (weddings, wrestling and souls--but not email) (email filtering for the greater Las Cruces area) (see '')

And last, but certainly not least, you can attempt to communicate directly with the RBL vigilantes at the following addresses. We're sure they would like to hear from you.

c/o Vixie Enterprises
950 Charter Street
Redwood City, CA 94063
Phone 650-779-7000/7002/7021
FAX    650-779-7055

Paul Vixie
Vixie Enterprises
Star Route Box 159A
Woodside, CA 94062
(650) 747-0204 or (650) 747-9535

Nick Nicholas (no longer part of RBL? Make him prove it!)
608 22nd Avenue
San Francisco, CA 94121

David Rand
15864 Highland Drive
San Jose, CA 95127
(408) 254-7111

Want the star next to your listing? Here's how.

From time to time we receive messages from companies on this list claiming that they do post a notice on their web site that they use RBL, and that we should put the star next to their name on the list for doing so. But just like when you were a child in school, it's not that easy to earn the star.

We believe if you function as a provider, and you offer email accounts to the public, you do not have the right to filter any messages that comply with the law. (If you are a private company that does not offer accounts to the public, yet you filter email, we may list you as a matter of information to those who visit this site. Also, because of differences in both laws and customs, we don't generally list sites outside of North America unless they appear to have some special significance.) If you have technology that is capable of precisely identifying messages that do not comply with the law, feel free to use it. Otherwise, stand aside. We do not subscribe to the notion that your network (whatever it is and however you define it) is 'private' if you generally offer accounts to the public. This is particularly true if a primary means of access to your 'network' is the Public Switched Telephone System. Still want the star by your business name? Here's what you must do.

First, mention of your use of RBL must be plainly visible on your main page, the one the world first sees when they visit your site. Not buried on a secondary page, not imbedded in a long stretch of text where it's tough to find, but plainly visible and accompanied by enough unambiguous text so that a even a neophyte will understand what it means. If you're proud of what you do, this shouldn't be a problem. And we should add, in the words of the late columnist Sydney Harris, if you are honest because honesty is the best policy, your honesty is already corrupt.

Second, you must mention that you are not obligated to use RBL, that your use thereof is voluntary and not mandated by any duly constituted authority. You must mention that RBL is being sued for its practices so that visitors to your site, and your customers, are aware that use of RBL raises serious legal issues.

Next, you must make clear to the web site visitor (and especially to your customers) ALL of the consequences of your use of RBL. You must clearly mention that while some unwanted email may be blocked, it is also quite possible that your customers will not be able to exchange email with some friends, family, and business acquaintances because of your use of RBL. You may not state that most providers do the same (they do not).

You may not mention that commercial email is forbidden by law unless your state has an active law on its books. You must mention that there is no Federal law against commercial email. You may not convey the impression, either in words or by the omission thereof, that all commercial email is illegal. To the contrary, as part of your disclosure and description, you must state that, within the bounds of the law, it is perfectly legal for ANY business to advertise its products or services via email, and that RBL, and your use thereof, does not make it otherwise. Your statements must make clear that you are intentionally contravening a legal activity.

You must also mention when you first started to use RBL so that your current customers have some idea of how long you have been blocking some portion of their email, with or without having previously told them. You must state that customers can filter unwanted messages themselves by simply using the filtering capabilities of any contemporary email program (Netscape, Outlook Express, etc.), and thus there is no compelling reason for you to do it for them. In light of this, you must state why you feel that decisions regarding THEIR email cannot be made by your customers themselves and why you insist on making those decisions. If you started to use RBL prior to the time that you began mentioning it on your web site and telling your customers, you must explain why you did not previously tell them.

Finally, these detailed statements need not be on your main page, but there must be a clear link to them from your main page, and they must be reiterated in your AUP and Terms and Conditions as displayed on your web site and as given to customers.

RBL and its sympathizers have gotten away with secrecy and vigilantism for too long. When we see all of this on your web site, then you'll get the star.

Oh, and to those who ask to be removed from this list--well, you can't actually be removed from the list, at least not quickly. If you stop using RBL, and send us an email (to '') containing the name and phone number of a manager at your business who will confirm it, we will put a statement or symbol next to your business name on this list so that visitors to this page will know. Later, at our sole discretion, we will remove your business name.
Poster images used with permission of Netside Internet