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Did you know that many of the nation's newspapers have FREE on-line editions? This includes such venerable and prestigious papers as the Los Angeles Times, and the San Francisco Examiner/Chronicle, and lesser known papers such as the Hartford Courant, Louisville Courier-Journal, and the Arkansas Democrat and Gazette, along with literally hundreds of others. Many even have past editions on-line as well.

How about the newspaper that you used to deliver when you were growing up in Indianapolis, Indiana or Portland, Maine? Perhaps the newspaper from Aspen, Colorado where you're planning a skiing vacation? Or how about the Baltimore Sun because you have a business trip to Baltimore coming up?

Some on-line newspapers are USA TODAY, Christian Science Monitor, Jewish Bulletin of Northern California

And if you can't find a newspaper link here, you can try NewsLink which has links to many other papers, including college newspapers.

And if that's still not enough, try Newspapers Online. And if your thirst for news is still not slaked, try NewsCentral or The Internet Public Library