From San Diego to Los Angeles to Fresno to Lake Tahoe to Santa Rosa to Eureka-- We have local dial access throughout California !!!

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Do we have a dialin number that is local to you?

Click on the button above, then enter the area code and prefix only (no dash) of the number from which you will be dialing, e.g. 916441; do not enter the last 4 digits of your phone number.

The area code and prefix of any phone numbers we have that are local to you will be displayed. All numbers are 56k/ISDN.

There are many new local phone number prefixes now in use, so you may not recognize the prefix of our local access number. If you wish to confirm that the number is local, simply dial "0" to ask your Operator; the area code and prefix are sufficient for this purpose.

You should also confirm that the type of service you have with your local telephone company is 'flat rate'; otherwise your phone company may charge you for calls.

At the present time, we provide access in those parts of California covered by AT&T (SBC), Verizon (GTE), Frontier (Citizens), and some other telephone companies.