Our Story

We are a small startup ISP with a dream to bring affordable, truly high speed Internet to rural towns in Whitman County. Palouse is our first major project. We are in the process of building our underground fiber system with our sister company Inland Fiber Construction. You may have seen them around.

The Tech

I’m sure you guessed. Fiber, It’s in our name. In a rural town? Yep! Real deal fiber optic cable buried underground, completely unseen and more resilient than hanging it on poles like some other companies.

The Real Question. How much does it cost?

We have three tiers of service, Basic Fiber Internet, Standard Fiber Internet, and Premium Fiber Internet. Check them out below! Business speeds and prices are identical!

Basic $40/Month
100 Mbps Symmetrical Speed
No Data cap or throttling
Standard $50/Month
300 Mbps Symmetrical Speed
No Data cap or throttling
Premium $70/Month
1 Gbps Symmetrical Speed WOW!
No Data cap or throttling

Basic not available in all areas.

A $25 installation fee is charged on the Basic plan. All other plans include free installation.

Routers are available for an additional one time fee of $99. No additional charges apply if you bring your own router.

If you purchase a router from us, it comes with free remote support from our team.

Sounds too good to pass up!

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